Vessel Management Systems

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PSM’s Bilge Level Switch BLS9200

BLS 9200 level switch for liquid detection in bilges, voids and sumps.

Bilge level switches are a safety critical component for the detection of liquid in dead spaces, voids and sumps that are rarely visited or inspected by the crew. They need to be able to withstand years of installation in difficult environmental conditions, yet operate immediately and reliably should a rising liquid level indicate a leakage or flooding hazard.

The PSM BLS9200 Bilge Level Switch is designed, manufactured and approved to meet and exceed the requirements for severe service applications on all classes of marine vessels and offshore installations, and should always be the first choice for safety critical applications.

• Designed and constructed for severe service applications, where absolute reliability is required for safety critical installations
• Rugged all-stainless steel design ensures reliable operation
• Compact design
• Simple installation via integral mounting bracket
• Fully submersible IP68 construction with cable resistant to marine applications
• Stainless steel slosh and debris protection shield

PSM’s APT1000/500

The APT 1000 provides a reduced weight and size compared to previous generations and takes full advantage of advancements in electronic design to provide enhanced accuracy and stability under varying operating temperatures. Body construction is all laser welded, eliminating any possibility of leaks, and all versions are IP68 certified suitable for full immersion to a minimum of 50M WG. A choice of construction materials, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Hastelloy, ensure corrosion resistance in all applications and all measurement ranges will tolerate an overload of 2x nominal range with no adverse effects to performance or calibration.

With a choice of measurement ranges and materials, robust construction and excellent accuracy the APT500 series is equally suitable for both marine and land based industrial applications. Signal output is industry standard 4-20mA 2 wire, which can be supplied to a standard range or calibrated during production to specific needs. The all welded body uses 316L Stainless Steel as standard, and the option of a process port in Hastelloy C276 with a Tantalum diaphragm ensures compatibility with many corrosive fluids Connection is by industry standard DIN plug or optional stainless steel terminal